Pineapple Raspberry Paleo Smoothie

Finally summer is here. It feels like the wait has been forever coming. When the weather is this warm, you can’t help but crave a night and refreshing ice cream or smoothie.
PaleoFED Raspberry Smoothie


Pineapple Raspberry Paleo Smoothie IMG_4500… 

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Every day life on instagram Italian Ground Beef Veggie Skillet

Italian Ground Beef Veggie Skillet

Come One Come All! To the one pan wonder. I have become obsessed with one pan delicous-ness. Have you been on a major initiative NOT to do a ton of dishes? Oh my gosh over dishes. This Italian Ground Beef Veggie Skilletis so darn good and only requires one pan. Done and DONE. Blueberry Paleo Donuts

Paleo Guten-Free Blueberry Donuts & Honey

Sometimes you need a pick me up. When you are eating clean you just crave a big moist ooey-gooey donut. The funny thing is…once you satisfy your craving with a clean-eating recipe, it does the same trick as eating the real thing-WITHOUT THE GUILT. That is pretty much a win-win. My advice? make a few… 

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3 Ingredient EASY Delicious Oven Roast Chicken

Yes. You read that correctly. You can have an insanely delicious and succulent dinner dish with just 3 ingredients.   Some nights you need a dinner dish fast. And 99% you want it to be delicious? Yes, sound familiar? Do you ever walk by the grocery aisles and so those delicious roast chickens just starring… 

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iHeartRuthie Recipes Ricotta Avocado Toast

Ricotta Avocado Toast

Ricotta Avocado Toast        Lately I have been getting some requests to post some healthy recipes. Ricotta Avocado Toast is not only loaded with yummy goodness from the ever-nutritious avocado…BUT this dish functions as a gourmet on the fly meal and a yummy breakfast. Ingredients: 1 Slice of Thick Country White Bread. Toasted… 

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